How To Show Someone You Care by Giving Away Resources

Here’s my scenario…..I meet people often and the majority of the time they are experiencing problems. No surprise there! We all have problems. But meetings are short and some problems are long….so conveying meaningful caring concern and attempting to help is often difficult. Trying to explain how, changed thinking  changes your life over a meal or coffee….is impossible! Unless a tool to leverage the time is used.

That’s where all the resources in this blog come into the picture. But in the end of this post, I am not the hero. You are.


Have you had problems, found solutions and then shared the experience with other people? On so many levels our culture is exploding with this method of teaching and learning.  Just think….Do it Yourself Network, Pintrest and so many, many others!

But when you have knowledge and are an expert at something you’re vulnerable. You can easily forget how the wisdom and knowledge was gained – you catch the “curse of knowledge”. So, here’s a suggestion.

I think in the Bible the apostle Paul shares with us a key idea. Be a giver and not a hoarder of wisdom!

See that you also excel in this grace of giving.

2 Corinthians 8:7


Whether you are a person of faith or not, people don’t care what you know, till they know that you care. That is why I believe sharing meaningful resources is a great way to show someone you care. Everyone loves a gift – and they often re-gift!

Show someone you care and increase your influence in the lives of people around you by sharing your wisdom.  CD’s of authors whose messages have helped change my thinking are my favorite gift. Sometimes it’s books too. These resources create great conversations. Conversations create connections. Connections create clients, or friends. It often impacts them more than you could ever imagine. Often they order them and pass them along. They pay it forward. Try creating a huge impact and making a difference.  Learn to excel in the grace of giving.

Many retail options for gifting are clamoring for your attention to purchase as a gesture to show someone you care. Imagine if you started giving meaningful tools away. How would this strengthen your connections with others, create stronger bonds with your clients and grow your friendships. Wow! That takes “show someone you care” to a whole NEW LEVEL!

When you have multiple copies of your favorite resource on hand your prepared!

Many of my favorites are on the topic of problems we all face.  They come from a wide range of authors. The ones I give out most are by Andy Stanley. His CD’s or Podcasts are memorable enough that they can be applied. By just sending a link of an encouraging video teaching, or podcast, you can pass along hope and encouragement.

Remember, people don’t care what you know till they know that you care. Try leveraging your time with people to make a lasting impression after you meet. Excel in the grace of giving and share your knowledge with others.


Attitude:  Think of one person who you could share your knowledge with.

Action:  Order a resource that you could give away to show someone you care.

Question:   Tell me what your favorite item is?

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