Secrets To Leading Others

I passed up a great opportunity in high school, when selected to participate in summer leadership camp, I said no. Teenage wisdom….after all a summer job in construction paid a lot of money! I had no idea the path ahead would be filled with leadership opportunities. Changing my thinking – changed my life.

Leadership Concept

Most people do not view themselves as leaders. If that’s you – then you should read The Traveler’s Gift. If you’re an employee, business owner, parent, teacher, or a stay-at-home Mom, you are leading others. Leadership is having influence on others. No matter what you do or who you are, you are a leader; a person of influence. Some say, we’ll influence over 10,000 people in our lifetime! To be a truly effective leader, you must first be able to lead yourself. Leadership develops from the inside out.

We are created to lead and to rule, to have dominion over the earth Genesis 1:26,28. If we learn to become the person we ought to be on the inside, we will become the leader others desire to follow.

The most prolific author on the topic of leadership is John Maxwell. His over 20 books have sold over 20 million copies.

Leadership 101- What Every Leader Needs To Know condenses ideas from Maxwell’s 3 most popular books on leadership into a short 108 page or 3-½ hour audio. He uses examples from the lives of famous people and shares how they grew their leadership ability to become more effective. You will be changed by this book!

All people can further their potential with leadership. Leadership ability determines a person’s level of effectiveness. This is the key when working with others. Leadership is more important than talent, resources, intelligence, or money when trying to make an impact. The leadership of any person, group or organization will determine its success or failure. To be more successful in life, you must learn that we are all leaders and that we must all develop our leadership abilities.

The world needs leaders in every arena. The tools are there. All that is missing is you and your passion and vision. We can change our communities by taking action towards becoming all we can be.


Attitude:            Are you ready to take responsibility for becoming a better leader?

Action:              Order and listen to this resource and become the leader others need you to be.

Recommended Resources:     Andy Andrews. (2005). The Traveler’s Gift: Seven Decisions that Determine Personal Success. Thomas Nelson.

Kindle Edition


John Maxwell. (2002). Leadership 101: What Every Leader Needs to Know. Thomas Nelson.

Kindle Edition



What’s your secret for becoming a more effective leader?


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